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Now You Can Drive Your Very Own UT3 Hellbender - No, Really!

Granted, it's not life-size, nor does it come with a functional skymine turret or sniper turret in the back -

but it is very much real!

The model is certainly not 100% accurate, as the original vehicle was quite challenging to reproduce. It is, however, entirely functional and fitted with 4 motors total. Power is delivered from two battery boxes, not because of some particularly high energy consumption, but because it turned out to be optimal to locate the battery box on the side, so I have used two battery boxes, one counterbalancing the other. The 4×4 drive is powered by a PF XL motor, and the steering is operated by PF Medium one. Another Medium motor rotates two turrets synchronously.

Shame the turrets are non-functional. There's a few squirrels who could use a good sniping, and I'm sure a few of our readers have annoying little brothers or sisters who are cruisin' for a skymine combo or two.