If you've got a product or service that you want to market to gamers, BeyondUnreal is - for a number of reasons - the place you will want to do it. Computer hardware, software, broadband internet, hosting services, music CDs - these are the things active gamers are interested in and buy, and for little more than a song and a dance, you could have your 468 x 60 banner working for you here on the most respected Unreal-engine gaming site in the world. More Details


Like any other website, BeyondUnreal is always looking for help from the best and the brightest. It's a lot of work bringing the most and the best Unreal Engine coverage to the community and keeping the machine well-oiled and running. We currently have no staff openings, but we're always willing to talk to any qualified individual that is interested.

Interested? Check out the job descriptions and see what we do, then email hal.


BeyondUnreal is currently hosting sites by invitation only, however, if you have a major Unreal-engine site on the web (if you have one, you know it) and are looking for a bigger, better, more reliable host, feel free to email us. BeyondUnreal offers 100 mbit web bandwidth, POP email accounts, automatic file mirroring to several free mirrors and the support of a large, dedicated community staff to keep your site up and running the way you want it to!

BeyondUnreal Staff

The BeyondUnreal staff is akin to a rare collection of rocks. Not that we're expensive or beautiful or anything, it's just that we're dumb as rocks. To wit:

Old Guy, Founder
QAPete, during his time as Site Director at PlanetUnreal, posted something like 3007 news items in about 2 1/2 years. As this amply shows, he has no life whatsoever, making him an ideal candidate for two jobs: Founder of BeyondUnreal or Fry Guy at Doublemeat Palace. Since DM Palace wouldn't hire him due to his violent tendencies, we're lucky to have him here, we suppose. Don't tell him, but he's pretty much just a n00b with root access.

King of All News
He's this guy and he does this stuff.

Technical Manager
Brizz is the technical master of disaster for the site. Having a problem with your hosted site? Email? Sending a large anonymous donation? He's the man you want to talk to. Rumor has it, he was born with a cape and a keyboard. We are still trying to determine what the cape is for...

Technical Assistant
Haarg runs some of the more important parts of BeyondUnreal like Liandri Archives and Unreal Wiki, as well as keeping his thumb on the FragBU server. He's also second in command when it comes to technical problems with the site.

Vengeful Newsie, Designer
DeathBooger has made it his lifework to surpass hal in news posts. His one man war should see fruition in 20 years or sooner (as long as hal's hands fall off sometime in the next few days). This guy enjoys working in various art forms, being a picky beer snob, and long walks on the beach. He's currently single and looking. Unfortunately, no one else on the staff is interested. In his own words, "RAWR!"

Soviet News Poster
When he's not plotting to drop a nuke on the U.S., Lynx is right here posting news for us. All you need to know about him is that he likes hockey, translates English to Russian for some company and has long, luxurious locks of hair. The rest is probably top secret.

Dark Pulse
Pompous Braggart and Purveyor of Injustice

Fire-breathing News Eater
At the few times of day that TWD is not spouting off about his favorite pasttime, blogging, you might find him posting a bit of news on the front page.

Retired Staff

Many thanks to...

alien8, Altan, Clambert, Larrystorch, MalHavoc, Mia'cova, Prophecy, Prophetus, RaptoR, Sparky, TetrisL, TyeFang, Yellow5, Yoda, Zaccix, and Zenny

without whose countless hours of sleep deprivation and hard work, BeyondUnreal would not be where it is today. Thanks guys!