While time moves on, Unreal-engine games change and hosted sites stop updating their content, we still want to preserve that content for the community, while keeping our main sidebar organized. Therefore, we've created this 'Archived Hosted Sites' page where you can always find links to the old 'classic' sites, with all their content still intact. Sites that don't have an update in approximately six months will make their way here.

If you feel your site has reached this page in error, please email us so we can look into it.


  • Chimeric - A legendary unrealscript tutorial site dating back to 1998 (ancient in internet years!). Lots of great stuff for previous versions of Unreal Engine.
  • Golem University - Chris Hargrove's (formerly from Legend Entertainment) site for learning how to use the Golem Studio program, one of the editing tools provided with Unreal 2. Never finished, it still has three introductory courses available, and you can always beat on Chris to get the rest done... ;-)



  • 0fus - the original site for the original Strangelove UT, one of the most imaginative mods to come out for UT99.
  • Eavy's UT Mods - home of Eavy's Assault Pack, among other things. Eavy fundamentally fixed what was wrong with the original UT99 Assault game mode, while providing numerous mutators, other gametypes and the great Eavy Server Browser.
  • Duffer's Golf - a highly original golfing modification for UT 2004 - runner up in the moddb sports awards.
  • Maxed Out - This unreleased total conversion attempted to bring The Matrix inspired gameplay to UT 2004.
  • Mech Pack - An inspired Mech Combat modification for UT 2004 that, sadly, only reached demo/alpha stage.
  • Overload - Team Fusion's creative twist to the Bombing Run game type in UT2003, in which both teams' goals regenerate their health by 10 points every second (configurable), and teammates can regenerate their own goal's health by shooting it.
  • Silent Assassins - Essentially, espionage for UT, this modification is available in RC1 status.
  • USkaarj - Real Time Strategy in the Unreal Universe? You bet. This UT2004 modification is available in a beta state.


  • ModSquad - The once great ModSquad, mod-review site extraordinaire has fallen dormant. Still, lots of great reviews of 2004 and before eras.
  • RealMaps - Reviewing maps for the mega-popular UT modification - Infiltration.


  • BeyondUnreal Assassins - The BuA Clan, formerly active in LG 135/35 UT2004.
  • BeyondUnreal WebTourney - BeyondUnreal's original web/email-based trading and fighting game, where you can build your own Unreal Universe character, buy and sell weapons and items, bet on the outcome of matches and more.
  • BeyondUnreal Forumers - a page that was always intended to be run by our forumers, for our forumers. Sadly, the site never really got a dedicated team behind it, so it lies here in ruins... ;-) If you're interested in getting the BuF page off and running again, email me and we'll talk!
  • [osX] - our trend-setting, Mac-focused Unreal Tournament site. This site became a static resource soon after eko, the creator of the site, moved on to other things in life. The Mac-UT resources remain for your benefit.
  • ServerDev - you can download the ever-popular UTR 2004 and other goodies here.
  • Unreal Cleaned - home of Tetris L's fabulous FAQs for UT, UT2003 and Unreal 2.
  • Unreal Geeks - a collection of top UT 2004 maps and tools.
  • Voiceshrine - this is where you can find a very large number of voicepacks for the entire UT series of games.